About Me

Littleton Colorado NutritionistLeti Fanning, MS, NC (Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition).  Scheduling of appointments for one-on-one consultations can be done by phone and Skype, or in person at the office.   Call me at 303-888-0321 to schedule an appointment.

I am a clinical nutrition consultant and I earned my degree from Hawthorn University – Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition (MSHN – summa cum laude).  I am results oriented and I provide methodical solutions to your specific health issues.

I have always considered myself to be healthy until I found myself faced with early stage cancer.  I always had a feeling that lifestyle choices and nutrition played a big part in disease development & progression so I started off on a long journey of learning.  I have learned to re-balance my own body chemistry, avoid foods that cause inflammation in my body, and I have gained better health and energy!  I would love to teach you how to reach optimal health!

Your body is so amazingly capable of healing itself, and ANYONE who suffers from pain or chronic disease can find relief, and reverse or even slow down the disease progression through basic nutrition and lifestyle changes.  It takes a little work and an open mind to make these changes.

I am constantly learning and digging deeper to understanding the underlying root causes of disease triggers.  I want to do my very best for you and serve you with the absolute best knowledge so you can make better health decisions.

I will develop a personalized program just for you and your own unique biochemistry so that you can reach vibrant health and feel your absolute best!  I will guide you every step of the way so you can reach your goal, and I will provide you with all the right tools, so you will be successful.

What is Nutritional Counseling?

Healthy Fish MealLifestyle, stress, medical history and what we consume has an effect on all systems in our bodies: organ function, health and immunity, physical performance, energy levels, weight, emotional balance and mental clarity. Nutritional counseling/coaching is a purposeful exploration of food, its effect on the body, and how we can best use nutrition to gain and maintain a healthy functioning system.

Nutritional counseling/coaching involves more than advice on what you should or should not eat or recommendations for supplements. Nutritional counseling offers an integrated approach utilizing a combination of techniques to manage your health and wellness—tailored to your specific issues. It can address health conditions such as:

Chronic fatigue • irritable bowel syndrome • ulcerative colitis • migraine headaches • insomnia • autoimmune diseases • allergies and asthma • adrenal fatigue • thyroid dysfunction • unexplained symptoms

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