“I first got in touch with Leti about a year ago after having a severe allergic reaction to sugar.  We discussed my condition and the effects that the allergy was having to my health.  Our discussion included vitamin deficiencies, stomach reactions, and possible environmental reactions.  Leti started me on a vitamin regimen and information on foods that I should eat since I could no longer have sugar in my diet.  After our first discussion, we had a couple of further discussions to focus my vitamins and so that she could evaluate how well my body was doing with the vitamin regimen.

It has been almost a year now and while I am still dealing with living with my allergy, Leti has made it possible for me to get back to an almost normal life.  She listened to my symptoms and was able to research and recommend treatments that were specific to me.  Leti was more valuable in her feedback and treatment than my allergist.

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is frustrated with their physician’s treatment and to anyone who is having health problems, in general.  I have benefited directly from having Leti as my nutritional therapist.” – Cynthia H

“At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I did know I needed help with my diet. I received a diet to follow, and it was very helpful, and we fine tuned it.  I felt I needed supplements which Leti gave me to try and they helped with my energy level and we fine tuned those specifically.

Three benefits for me is being on a protein powder that works for me especially with a busy life, it really helps.  Another is the vitamins I need to take everyday to feel healthy and Leti is just a phone call away for added support.  I will always recommend Leti’s expertise to anyone.  Added support through life is a must and I wouldn’t hesitate to call on her again.” – Linda D

“I was referred to Leti, by my health care provider, to help me with weight loss, and other related issues.  I have been meeting with Leti for about a year, and she has become my advisor, cheerleader, mentor and friend in this complex process.  We have had to adjust and readjust my diet protocols several times to try to make progress.  Because of several outside issues, we have made several major changes – and each time we did that, Leti prepared an understandable and complete outline of what the new program would be, and why she was making the recommendation.

Despite some of my issues, I truly believe we are making slow and steady progress.  I appreciate the individuality of the program and concerns Leti has shown me – this is not a “one size fits all” approach to weigh loss – but rather a carefully crafted plan for each of her clients.  Leti is quite positive and does not sit in judgment – but rather encourages you to move forward.

The three main benefits to working with Leti is her positive input and feedback; her positive “hands on” advice; and sense of humor and perspective about a difficult process.  I would absolutely, yes, recommend Leti as your nutrition therapist.  To have someone in your corner during a process like this can mean the difference between failure and success.” – Paul G